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We would first like to thank you for visiting our website. Please take 5 minutes to watch the updated video to learn about our recent merger, the additional services to our community, and how Donations via the Working Poor Tax Credit help those in need and the donor. Discover our new programs and services and volunteer opportunities, and how you can be involved in supporting our organization.

A young boy eating a healthy meal at the Flagstaff Family Food Center.The Flagstaff Family Food Center (FFFC) and the Northern Arizona Food Bank (NAFB) have merged and will now operate under one umbrella and one name. The new agency, called Flagstaff Family Food Center: Food Bank and Kitchen (FFFC-FB&K), will continue to serve hot meals, facilitate the preparation of bag lunches, provide children's literacy programs and now provide over 30,000 emergency food boxes annually to the food-insecure of our community.

The closure of the local St. Mary's Food Bank created a gap within our community and FFFC and NAFB and many community leaders came together and created a solution to Feed Flagstaff. We have identified the best assets of each organization and created this new agency to manage emergency food distribution for our community. The collaboration between these two leading organizations will result in a powerful community hub, working a one unit to streamline services for local food needs and maximize efficiencies of donations and volunteers.

While this consolidation of operations will lay the groundwork for for meeting current and future food needs, the volunteers, groceries and financial resources have always come from the caring people of Flagstaff. The newly formed non-profit needs volunteers and donors more than ever during the transition to a new and more efficient model of emergency food sharing.

Working Poor Tax Credit
Donate Now

The State of Arizona offers a TAX CREDIT to organizations that provide assistance to the working poor. In Flagstaff, there are approximately 11 organizations that have applied and qualify as such. The WPTC program mirrors the school tax credit program in that any donation up to $200 by an individual and $400 by a couple to a qualifying organization can be taken as a credit. And best of all...

You can give the maximum amount to both Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit and also to the Arizona's School Tax Credit. You are not limited to only one of these options.  In practical terms, that means if a couple owes $1,200 in state taxes, but gives gives $400 to the new FFFC FB&K, they will owe the State only $800. And, if in addition, the same couple gave $400 to a public school, they would owe only $400. The WPTC is also deductible on itemized Federal Tax Returns.

Over 40% of our funding in 2012 came from individuals exercising this tax benefit.

Simply click here to go to our donation page and choose "Working Poor Tax Credit" in the dropdown menu!

Click here for more information from the State of Arizona | Click here for an informative video about the Tax Credit

[As always, please consult with your tax preparer, or the State of Arizona Dept. of Revenue.]

Flagstaff Family Food Center
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Emergency Food Box Distribution Hours
Tuesday through Friday from 9 am to 1 pm
(Note: We no longer are distributing on Mondays)



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